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Predicting Potential Mineralization Using Surface Geochemical Data and Multiple Linear Regression Model in the Kuh Panj Porphyry Cu Mineralization (Iran)


Seyed Hasan Tabatabaei, Parisa Roshani Rodsari, Ahmad Reza Mokhtari

DOI 10.1007/s13369-014-1482-z


Geochemical exploration is mainly utilized for prospecting of economically viable mineralization. Several methods have been introduced for identifying the potential mineralization based on surface geochemical data; however, based on these methods, the definite presence of mineralization in the region cannot be ascertained. Therefore, in this study, a combination of the core drilling analysis with the surface geochemical data was used in order to determine the actual position of the porphyry Cu mineralization. To achieve this objective, multivariate statistical method of multiple linear regression was applied. So, the regression equation is calculated based on the mean of Cu in sample of core drillings and elemental concentrations at surface geochemical rock samples. Predicting regression model has shown coefficient of determination (R 2 = 83 %). The model validity has also been checked …

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