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Geologically-constrained GANomaly network for mineral prospectivity mapping through frequency domain training data March 2024
Regimentation of geochemical indicator elements employing convolutional deep learning algorithm February 2023
Data-driven logistic function for weighting of geophysical evidence layers in mineral prospectivity mapping February 2023
Infomax-based deep autoencoder network for recognition of multi-element geochemical anomalies linked to mineralization March 2023
Blind Source Separation of Spectrally Filtered Geochemical Signals to Recognize Multi-depth Ore-Related Enrichment Patterns October 2023
Execution of an applicable hybrid integration procedure for mineral prospectivity mapping January 2023
Improving the accuracy of detecting and ranking favorable porphyry copper prospects in the east of Sarcheshmeh copper mine region using a two-step sequential Fuzzy - Fuzzy TOPSIS integration approach November 2023
Empirical mode decomposition and power spectrum filtering for detection of frequency channels related to multi-scale geochemical anomalies: Metal exploration targeting in Moalleman district, NE Iran March 2023
Detection of alteration zones using the Dirichlet process Stick-Breaking model-based clustering algorithm to hyperion data: the case study of KuhPanj porphyry copper deposits, Southern Iran January 2022
3DU-TA: A new multifractal model involving surface topography for separation of geochemical anomalies October 2022
Application of the most competent knowledge-driven integration method for deposit-scale studies June 2022
Environmental Evaluation of Potentially toxic Elements Pollution in Sediments of Waterways of Saadabad Region, South of Kashan May 2021
Mineral chemistry and Petrology of the Andarian volcanic rocks: insight to the Ahar-Arasbaran magmatic zone, Northwestern Iran August 2021
Spatially-Weighted Factor Analysis for Extraction of Source-Oriented Mineralization Feature in 3D Coordinates of Surface Geochemical Signal July 2021
Spatio-Geologically Informed Fuzzy Classification: An Innovative Method for Recognition of Mineralization-Related Patterns by Integration of Elemental, 3D Spatial, and Geological Information January 2021
Application of Dirichlet Process and Support Vector Machine Techniques for Mapping Alteration Zones Associated with Porphyry Copper Deposit Using ASTER Remote Sensing Imagery November 2021
A combinative knowledge-driven integration method for integrating geophysical layers with geological and geochemical datasets January 2020
Application of Power Spectrum Fractal Method to Model Geochemical Anomalies in Sari Gunay Epithermal Au-Sb Deposit, Kordestan Province Spring 2020
Biological separation of quartz from kaolinite using Bacillus licheniformis July 2020
Structural and non-structural statistical methods: implications for delineating geochemical anomalies July 2020
Comparative Analysis of Geochemical Data Processing Methods for Allocation of Anomalies and Background April 2020
Mineral Chemistry and thermobarometry of biotite in the Youseflo pluton, NW Iran January 2020
Determination of heavy metal pollution in mineral areas using erosion and sedimentation indices July 2020
A new multiple-point grade estimation method by implicit volterra series August 2019
Optimizing the Grade Classification Model of Mineralized Zones Using a Learning Method Based on Harmony Search Algorithm August 2019
Determining the number of groups in geochemical data set using pattern recognition indices on the basis of separation and compactness of clusters January 2019
Comparison of ΔlogR and mineralogy-based methods in estimating organic carbon content of Pabdeh Formation in Ahwaz and Rag-e Sefid oilfields September 2019
Application of clinopyroxene in petrogenesis of volcanic rocks at north of East Alloun Abad village (East of Isfahan) January 2018
Water use efficiency of wheat under simultaneous water and salinity stress conditions by using date palm leaves biochar January 2018
Identification and exploration of geochemical anomalies associated with Cu minerals in Natanz rectangle at 1: 100000 scale (north Isfahan), Iran October 2018
Mineral chemistry of clinopyroxene: guidance on geo-thermobarometry and tectonomagmatic setting of Nabar volcanic rocks, South of Kashan January 2016
Petrological and Geochemical Studies of Eocene Volcanic Rocks in Jeshuqan (East of Isfahan) January 2016
Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Nabar hydrothermal kaolin deposit, South of the Kashan district, Isfahan province, West of Central Iran August 2016
Application of discriminant analysis and support vector machine in mapping gold potential areas for further drilling in the Sari-Gunay gold deposit, NW Iran June 2016
Geochemistry of major and rare earth elements in garnet of the Kal-e Kafi skarn, Anarak Area, Central Iran: Constraints on processes in a hydrothermal system May 2016
Geometrical parameter extraction of cylindrical buried objects in GPR sectional images using a modified genetic algorithm January 2015
Supervised geochemical anomaly detection by pattern recognition October 2015
Predicting Potential Mineralization Using Surface Geochemical Data and Multiple Linear Regression Model in the Kuh Panj Porphyry Cu Mineralization (Iran) January 2015
Geoenvironmental studies and heavy metal mapping in soil: the case of Ghohroud area, Iran September 2015
Multivariate regression analysis of lithogeochemical data to model subsurface mineralization: a case study from the Sari Gunay epithermal gold deposit, NW Iran January 2015
Geological, Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of Cheshmeh-Siah Titanium Deposit, South of Shahreza, Isfahan June 2015
Application of discrimination analysis and support vector machine methods for modelling in the epithermal gold deposits in Dashkasan area October 2015
Effect of longitudinal furrow slope on nitrate distribution in surface fertigation March 2015
Supervised geochemical anomaly detection by pattern recognition October 2015
Effects of Variable Longitudinal Slope on Application Efficiency and Uniformity of Water Distribution in Furrow Irrigation System January 2015
Geoenvironmental studies and heavy metal mapping in soil: the case of Ghohroud area, Iran September 2015
Evaluating of Furrow Irrigation Systems in Shakrekord, Borojen and Khanmirza plains July 2014
Application of Classifiers based on Bayes Decision Theory in Gold Potential Mapping by using Geochemical Data in Sari Gunay Epithermal Gold Deposit June 2014
Determination of infiltration in furrow irrigation system under variable furrow cross section and bed slope January 2014
Estimating Pistachio Evapotranspiration Using MODIS Imagery: A Case Study from Ardakan, Iran January 2014
Petrography, mineral chemistry, thermobarometry and the determination of magmatic series in the Ghohroud intermediate enclaves, South of Kashan December 2014
Mineralogical and geochemical studies on the Gowd-e-Morad (Ni, Co, As–Cu) mineral deposit, Anarak (central Iran) November 2014
Objective based geochemical anomaly detection—Application of discriminant function analysis in anomaly delineation in the Kuh Panj porphyry Cu mineralization (Iran) July 2013
Investigation on Geochemical Association of Elements in Open and Closed Data System (Case Study: kuh-e Panj Copper Deposit (Kerman)) January 2013
Application of digital techniques to identify aquifer artificial recharge sites in GIS environment November 2013
Objective based geochemical anomaly detection—Application of discriminant function analysis in anomaly delineation in the Kuh Panj porphyry Cu mineralization (Iran) July 2013
Description Sari Gunay epithermal gold deposit, located in Kordestan Province, is one of the most important discovered gold deposits of Iran in the world class. This is a low sulfidation epithermal gold deposit. In this paper, positioning of gold minerali July 2011
Target Delineation by Fuzzy Logic Approach at East-Kahang Porphyry Cu-Mo Deposit January 2010
Simulation and experimental investigation of the permeability reduction due to asphaltene deposition in porous media January 2010
Evaluation the impact of family physician care program on family planning in Sari from 2003 to 2007 January 2009
Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics and predicted reserves of gold-base metal ore mineralization in southern Armenia and northwestern Iran August 2006
Geochemical characteristics of Gor Gor Cu-Mo porphyry system August 2006
Pb-coloradoite and minerals of gold in volcanogenic deposits of southern Armenia and northwestern Iran October 2003
Part 2-Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography-Pb-Coloradoite and Minerals of Gold in Volcanogenic Deposits of Southern Armenia and Northwestern Iran Summer 2003
A Geological Model Based on an Integrated Geophysical Study in the Dezful Embayment SW Iran June 1999

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