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Investigation on Geochemical Association of Elements in Open and Closed Data System (Case Study: kuh-e Panj Copper Deposit (Kerman))


Parisa Roshani Rodsari, Ahmad Reza Mokhtari, Seyed Hasan Tabatabaei


Due to the presence of outliers and existence of skewness in distribution of geochemical data, these types of data sets usually are compositional in type that closed form data system. Closed data system includes a data set that one or more constraints are applied on data. Summation of these data is always fixed and is equal to the one (100%). By calculating the correlation coefficients for open data set and comparing the result with the ones calculated for closed data set, it can be found that there is an increase for correlation values in the closed system that is unrealistic. Characteristics of closed data prevent from applying standard statistical techniques; thus, different methods are expressed to open the system. In this study,additive logratio transformation, centered logratio transformation and isometric logratio transformation method have been used to open geochemical data in Kuh-e Panj area. In order to compare …

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