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Geochemistry of major and rare earth elements in garnet of the Kal-e Kafi skarn, Anarak Area, Central Iran: Constraints on processes in a hydrothermal system

S Ranjbar, SM Tabatabaei Manesh, MA Mackizadeh, SH Tabatabaei, OV Parfenova
Journal Geochemistry International Volume 54 Issue 5 Pages 423-438 Publisher Pleiades Publishing DOI: 10.1134/S0016702916050098
Description: Grossular-andradite (grandite) garnets, precipitated from hydrothermal solutions is associated with contact metamorphism in the Kal-e Kafi skarn show complex oscillatory chemical zonation. These skarn garnets preserve the records of the temporal evolution of contact metasomatism. According to microscopic studies and microprobe analysis profiles, the studied garnet has two distinct parts: the intermediate (granditic) composition birefringent core that its andradite content based on microprobe analysis varies between 0.68–0.7. This part is superimposed with more andraditic composition, and the isotropic rim which its andradite content regarding microprobe analysis ranges between 0.83–0.99. Garnets in the studied sample are small (0.5–2 mm in diameter) and show complex oscillatory zoning. Electron microprobe analyses of the oscillatory zoning in grandite garnet of the Kal-e Kafi area showed a …

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