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Evaluating of Furrow Irrigation Systems in Shakrekord, Borojen and Khanmirza plains


Hamed Riahifarsani, Mohammadreza Nouriimamzadehei, Rohallah FatahiNafchi, SeyedHassan Tabatabaee


Agriculture development and improvement of soil and water resources productivity mainly depends on irrigation efficiency and reduction of water losses. This research was conducted in Borougen, Khanmirza and Shahrekord plain during 2010 growing season in order to evaluate the furrow irrigation systems. Evaluation of furrow irrigation systems were carried out in Potato fields in Borujen and maize fields in Khanmirza and Shahrekord plains. According to the results, application, conveyance, adequacy and overall irrigation efficiencies of Borujen plain were calculated 49.27, 83.65, 98.22 and 41.53 in percent, respectively. Such values for Khanmirza plain were 55.41, 77.11, 60.2 and 41.58 percent and those of Shahrekord plain were, 61.41, 88.43, 84.24, 54.67 percent, respectively. The results show that the application and adequacy efficiencies of furrow irrigation systems in these plains are acceptable. The …

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