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Effect of longitudinal furrow slope on nitrate distribution in surface fertigation


Parivash Raeisiyanfard Dashtaki, Sayed Hassan Tabatabaei, Mohammad Reza Nouri Emamzadei, Ali Reza Hossein Pur


Non-uniform distribution which occurs during manual fertilizing is one of the biggest problems of surface irrigation. This issue needs more research in the field of surface fertigation. The aim of this study is to evaluate the roles of slope and fertigation timing in furrow irrigation. Urea fertilizer was used and nitrate was selected to be the reagent ingredient in order to study the distribution of fertilizer. The research was conducted in agricultural research field of Shahrekord University. A completely randomized block design was employed with four treatments and three replications. The treatments were Control treatment (natural slope, fulltime fertigation) and three periods of fertigation that were first half, second half and fulltime fertigation. Slope changes, fertigation duration, soil depth of the sampling and distance from the furrow beginnings effects were studied on nitrate distribution in the soil. The LSD test was used for …

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