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Description Sari Gunay epithermal gold deposit, located in Kordestan Province, is one of the most important discovered gold deposits of Iran in the world class. This is a low sulfidation epithermal gold deposit. In this paper, positioning of gold minerali


A Mahdavi, MR Nouri Emamzadei, R Mahdavi Najafabadi, SH Tabatabaei


In recent years, surface water resources in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province have decreased and groundwater level has fallen down. Thus, groundwater must be strengthened by surface water resources. The objective of this search was identification of artificial recharge sites thorough Fuzzy Logic in Shahrekord Basin. Effective factors in ground water recharge such as slope, infiltration rate, thickness of unsaturated zone, surface water EC, land use and stream network were determined. They were classified, weighted in software packages Arc View 3.2 a and Arc GIS 9.3 and they were integrated using multiplying operator in fuzzy model. The obtained results showed 4.79% of all areas are suitable and 17.94% are somewhat suitable in this method. To include the effect of land use parameter, it was overlaid on the final maps, showing a decrease in suitable areas up to 1/3. Generally about 30 points were introduced with priorities A, B, AB as having potential for artificial recharge.

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