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Application of discrimination analysis and support vector machine methods for modelling in the epithermal gold deposits in Dashkasan area


Seyed Hassan Tabatabaei Journal Iranian Journal of Mining Engineering Volume 10 Issue 28 Pages 53-65 Publisher http://ir-sme. ir/ Description Dashkasan exploration area contains Sari Gunay and Agh Dagh deposits. The Sari Gunay epithermal gold deposit, with 120 Mt reserve with a mean grade of 2 g/t, is the most important Iranian gold deposit in the world-class. The locus of the gold mineralization has been modelled by geochemical soil data through two classification methods including the discrimination analysis (LDA and QDA) and support vector machine (c-SVM and nu-SVM). The productivity index, sum of the multiplication of block grade by its height, is defined for each surface cell by 25×25 meters. This dependent variable has been classified to background, medium and high productivity indices. Geochemical data overlapping with these cells are used to calculate the classifying functions. 70% of data are used as train and the rest as the test data. The results show that the nu-SVM with 57.9%, LDA with 80% and nu-SVM, c-SVM and LDA with 57.9 …

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