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Application of Classifiers based on Bayes Decision Theory in Gold Potential Mapping by using Geochemical Data in Sari Gunay Epithermal Gold Deposit


Hamid Geranian, Seyed Hassan Tabatabaei, Hooshang Asadi Haroni


Sari Gunay epithermal gold deposit, located in Kordestan Province, is one of the most important discovered gold deposits of Iran in the world class. This is a low sulfidation epithermal gold deposit. In this paper, positioning of gold mineralization has been modeled in this deposit using soil media geochemical data and through four classification methods including Bayes, k-Nearest Neighbor, Parzen Window and Naïve-Bayes classifiers based on Bayes decision theory. The productivity index parameter has been defined for surface cells with 25×25 in meters. 65 percent of data are used as train data and the rest 35 percent as test data. The results indicate that Bayes classifier with accuracy of %72.6 and Parzen Window classifier with accuracy of %70.4 have functioned better than the two other classifiers. Besides, their gold mineralization models have been predicated the shape and their extent of hope-giving gold …

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